H-mate 78

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Catching up [H-mate ChapterS 75-77 by TFA]


We finally caught up with all the current raws of H-mate.

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H-mate Chapter 51 by TFA

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P.S. Some of you have asked me why don’t I remove the SFX, the reason is simple – In my core, and even though I am doing manhwa now, I have started and I am a manga scanlator. And we are taught to appreciate and respect the art from the author, that includes the SFX 🙂

Franky-House’s dead – the downfall of management

Franky-House’s dead – the downfall of management
By thefolenangel
Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. And without it, eventually even the greatest will fall. That’ what happened with Franky House Scanlations.
Franky House Scanlation was born August 27 2007 with just one brand new idea – providing a High Quality releases of One Piece It was found by xx(unknown name) and venicia777 After short period xx stepped down and venicia777 became the leader. Two months later the site (franky-house.com) opened it’s doors. Shortly after many people joined the ranks of the pirates. In September 2007 the series that we did expanded – Naruto, Bleach, Tsubasa, FMA, DMG and many others and thus it began the Golden Age of FH.
But it didn’t lasted long in the beginning of 2008 venicia our leader was in a car accident and took some serious damage. So he passed the duty to his secretary (known as miss Bell) to keep the order in FH. Even after this the golden aged continued. The many people that venicia trained we’re high motivated to do so. The hierarchy was cleared the admins had power to change things as they thought it fitted in order to be efficient and effective there was communication between and even talk for future improvement. But in the beginning of February 2008 everything changed, and the first decision of the new guardian of the order (miss Bell, later known as Franky-House Scanlations[nickname in the forum]) led to the downfall of Franky-House.
Due to a conflict between the admins, miss Bell decided that we should build a new hierarchy. She stripped all of the admins of their power and as you could imagine that action leaded to lost of motivation. And so the Golden Age ended and the age of single(multi doing series) scanlators begin. 20th of February 2008 I (thefolenangel) joined FH. I saw the chaos after the so called “new” hierarchy. One person trying to do as much as he could, no communication, lost of interest in doing something for the team. The team itself started to “fade”. Some members quit and were never heard of, others just quitted scanlations but stayed on the forum.
The system before was simple, venicia precleaned after which the editors took the precleans and tweaked them a bit (did blacks, white), after that typpestters did their magic and it was done the release was rdy. Usually between 6-7 people worked on a release. And that was before, after I joined “the system was not working”. People were just not motivated to scanlate. The people that work on a release fell to the number of 1-2. There were only two admins – kenjimaru (only worked on scanlations) and capics (she had formal duty, every decision she wanted to do, must first be run with miss Bell). The new system worked like this kenjimaru cleaned/typeseted and everything from time to time there were people to help him, one of those people was me. He taught me how to typesetted.
In the beginning of the summer June 2008th kenjimaru disappeared as you could imagine that leaded to a lot of chaos due to the fact that basically the group (or atleas the scanlating part of the group ) was leaded from him. Capics and I put a lot of efforts so that we could continue releasing chapters, I learned cleaning, she learned redrawing and so on… But even so we still didn’t have the power to change anything. In September 2008th capics stepped down from scanlating due to personal problems and so it began – my time.
I’m not going to be detailed about it, I made many mistakes, but I gathered a lot of experience which even today helps me.
Here are some interesting facts for the time that I scanlated for FH

  • For a period of a year and half FH’s releases doubled from 600-700 releases to 1400.
  • FH was one of the first groups to work with other teams, Chinese, French, German and many other. With one goal to release faster.
  • FH was one of the first groups with private RAW provider for WSJ.
  • FH was one of the first groups that had paid translators.
  • I recruited and trained 64 people.
  • For a period of 2 years no new admins or goroseis were selected.
  • For a period of 2 years I was NEVER promoted from a FH Trainee – even thought I recruited and trained, I cleaned/typesseted, I found new translator and raw providers.
  • Till today I’m still not un-banned.

In the beginning of June 2010th I was suspended (reason unknown till today), miss Bell’s explanation was that I need to take some rest. I still don’t see the logic in suspending your most active editor…
FH’s last release was from 10th of September 2010 – Wild Life volume 7 chapter 56 done by jinx (she is my trainee).

It’s not a surprise that someone (even as giant at FH) fell after refusing to change and improve. (I have great admirations for zidane and what he did with Binktopia) But I want to point that this was not the members fault, but solely to the higher – ups. They failed because they didn’t see that in order to survive you must improve.
This is not the whole story, there we’re many drams behind the curtains, but this is the reason why there is no Franky-House Scanlation in 2011, just an old forum – monument of glorious times.

I want to thank kenjimaru, capics, Dark Sin, jinx85, akan, makhan, Linkmasta, shymi, Dako, Din_84, Dosukoi7, Kiavik, endless, Fiendish_Imp, gdperin, The_Vogfather, Kiba, Kickhopper, Lingwe, sleepinboi, ryuu_kujirai, yami_no_tenshi1563, Vande, Ulrira and many other that I met along the road.

Hey if any of the older members are reading this – let’s put a whole story of Franky-House, write me a mail at thefolenangel@gmail.com and as our leader once said – “once a pirate, always a pirate”

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