Franky-House’s dead – the downfall of management

Franky-House’s dead – the downfall of management
By thefolenangel
Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. And without it, eventually even the greatest will fall. That’ what happened with Franky House Scanlations.
Franky House Scanlation was born August 27 2007 with just one brand new idea – providing a High Quality releases of One Piece It was found by xx(unknown name) and venicia777 After short period xx stepped down and venicia777 became the leader. Two months later the site ( opened it’s doors. Shortly after many people joined the ranks of the pirates. In September 2007 the series that we did expanded – Naruto, Bleach, Tsubasa, FMA, DMG and many others and thus it began the Golden Age of FH.
But it didn’t lasted long in the beginning of 2008 venicia our leader was in a car accident and took some serious damage. So he passed the duty to his secretary (known as miss Bell) to keep the order in FH. Even after this the golden aged continued. The many people that venicia trained we’re high motivated to do so. The hierarchy was cleared the admins had power to change things as they thought it fitted in order to be efficient and effective there was communication between and even talk for future improvement. But in the beginning of February 2008 everything changed, and the first decision of the new guardian of the order (miss Bell, later known as Franky-House Scanlations[nickname in the forum]) led to the downfall of Franky-House.
Due to a conflict between the admins, miss Bell decided that we should build a new hierarchy. She stripped all of the admins of their power and as you could imagine that action leaded to lost of motivation. And so the Golden Age ended and the age of single(multi doing series) scanlators begin. 20th of February 2008 I (thefolenangel) joined FH. I saw the chaos after the so called “new” hierarchy. One person trying to do as much as he could, no communication, lost of interest in doing something for the team. The team itself started to “fade”. Some members quit and were never heard of, others just quitted scanlations but stayed on the forum.
The system before was simple, venicia precleaned after which the editors took the precleans and tweaked them a bit (did blacks, white), after that typpestters did their magic and it was done the release was rdy. Usually between 6-7 people worked on a release. And that was before, after I joined “the system was not working”. People were just not motivated to scanlate. The people that work on a release fell to the number of 1-2. There were only two admins – kenjimaru (only worked on scanlations) and capics (she had formal duty, every decision she wanted to do, must first be run with miss Bell). The new system worked like this kenjimaru cleaned/typeseted and everything from time to time there were people to help him, one of those people was me. He taught me how to typesetted.
In the beginning of the summer June 2008th kenjimaru disappeared as you could imagine that leaded to a lot of chaos due to the fact that basically the group (or atleas the scanlating part of the group ) was leaded from him. Capics and I put a lot of efforts so that we could continue releasing chapters, I learned cleaning, she learned redrawing and so on… But even so we still didn’t have the power to change anything. In September 2008th capics stepped down from scanlating due to personal problems and so it began – my time.
I’m not going to be detailed about it, I made many mistakes, but I gathered a lot of experience which even today helps me.
Here are some interesting facts for the time that I scanlated for FH

  • For a period of a year and half FH’s releases doubled from 600-700 releases to 1400.
  • FH was one of the first groups to work with other teams, Chinese, French, German and many other. With one goal to release faster.
  • FH was one of the first groups with private RAW provider for WSJ.
  • FH was one of the first groups that had paid translators.
  • I recruited and trained 64 people.
  • For a period of 2 years no new admins or goroseis were selected.
  • For a period of 2 years I was NEVER promoted from a FH Trainee – even thought I recruited and trained, I cleaned/typesseted, I found new translator and raw providers.
  • Till today I’m still not un-banned.

In the beginning of June 2010th I was suspended (reason unknown till today), miss Bell’s explanation was that I need to take some rest. I still don’t see the logic in suspending your most active editor…
FH’s last release was from 10th of September 2010 – Wild Life volume 7 chapter 56 done by jinx (she is my trainee).

It’s not a surprise that someone (even as giant at FH) fell after refusing to change and improve. (I have great admirations for zidane and what he did with Binktopia) But I want to point that this was not the members fault, but solely to the higher – ups. They failed because they didn’t see that in order to survive you must improve.
This is not the whole story, there we’re many drams behind the curtains, but this is the reason why there is no Franky-House Scanlation in 2011, just an old forum – monument of glorious times.

I want to thank kenjimaru, capics, Dark Sin, jinx85, akan, makhan, Linkmasta, shymi, Dako, Din_84, Dosukoi7, Kiavik, endless, Fiendish_Imp, gdperin, The_Vogfather, Kiba, Kickhopper, Lingwe, sleepinboi, ryuu_kujirai, yami_no_tenshi1563, Vande, Ulrira and many other that I met along the road.

Hey if any of the older members are reading this – let’s put a whole story of Franky-House, write me a mail at and as our leader once said – “once a pirate, always a pirate”

/a pirate/


40 thoughts on “Franky-House’s dead – the downfall of management

  1. Naeko says:

    After you were pushed out of FH, there were strange reviews of some of your scanlations. Deja vu struck me, and I noticed that a bunch of different forum names typically posted fairly similar cut and pastes. The sock puppets verified each other naturally and with negative comments. So, whatever was going on, there was some sort of grudge going on.

    • thefolenangel says:

      To be honest Naeko I dunno. After I got suspension for second time I just said “fuck it” and went to have a great summer. But for a short period of time I helped with Air Gear (since it was my fave series) You could have noticed smiley ~^_^~ 😀

  2. A man of wealth and taste says:

    Power corrupts, they say, and this is true from the highest echelons of government to the humblest of scanlation organizations, it seems.
    I just hope you never quit to be a pirate (Yo ho ho!) and keep providing us with the quality you have so far.
    We need more Bund chapters, by the way ~.^

  3. Anon says:

    Nostalgia. Though I didn’t frequent the forums, I still remember all your updates. It just so happened that when I started reading Kenichi, FH started scanlating it and provided extremely speedy releases.

    Any news on venicia777?

  4. Akillarian says:

    Sad to see Franky House goes. Thanks for working on Wild Life and HunterxHunter. I remember I used to go to Manga-Helper and FH for Wild Life releases.

  5. Quagmire says:

    R.I.P FH

    hope 2 c u in another scanlation bro… thx 4 all the works…

  6. Yennyenn says:

    I am just an outsider, but I feel sad that this group closed. I used to read manga which are scanned by frankyhouse, every single time. ): That’s a pity.

  7. Guy says:

    Motivated, competent decision-makers are always important. Losing them is often the ultimate cause of an organization falling apart. But talking about the straw that broke the camel’s back doesn’t cast light on the point of no return.

    Stepping back to the point where management failed to effectively recruit new management (as they might have for you by keeping you a “trainee”) still isn’t far back enough. But I don’t know FH so I probably can’t step back any farther than that.

    For a long-running group I’m related to which has slowed to a halt, I’ve stepped back far enough at this point that I attribute it to the decision-makers being too few, with no new blood, such that all but one of them became burned out, a fact which hit really (fatally) hard when that one left.

    To turn it around, someone like me would have had to demand power, then make effective and incessant use of it by communicating a lot with everyone and appointing middle managers… a lot of work. Unfortunately, regarding FH, it wasn’t possible for you after being banned. Given how a group you cared for made some dumb decisions toward you and then died, it sounds like there’s a lot that you ought to feel the right to complain about.

  8. rika89 says:

    FH used to be the sole provider of Skip Beat!(it became so huge that it stayed in no. 1 spots in many onl9 manga reading sites)….I had joined FH as a reader due to SB!
    Then I remember wanting to join in the scanlation process but they had this agenda and never replied to my request….Thankfully Bliss did and I’m really happy. But yeah I remember the good ‘ol FH days….R.I.P FrankyHouse!

  9. Maggie says:

    I’m sad to see Franky House go. They provided some of the best manga, and some of my favorites. They introduced me to Skip Beat and Naruto.

    I also want to tell you to keep up the amazing work you’re doing!!! I love DitVB and it brings me great joy when a new chapter is out.

  10. The_WORMmkII says:

    Wow, you forgot something in the accolades there — how they started their “grand” career in scanlations by stealing others’ cleaned work. And what was that about HQ scanlations? Give me a break. Shoddy translations and shittily cleaned raws mean quality to you? FH never did anything good for the scanlation world, and I doubt anyone will really care that they’re finally leaving.

    • thefolenangel says:

      Dear Worm (I’m know ur nick from Translating AG’s first volumes – so that means ur old on the scene) I wasn’t here for the events your talking about. And I have no idea what do you mean by “stealing other’s cleaned work”???? The only “stealing”I know of was of some OP translation – I didn’t mention it here for two reasons:
      1) I wasnt here when it happened
      2) Some people say that it”s just a misunderstanding (MH for example unbanned the group)

      I don’t know what you mean by “do something for the scanlating world”, but FH was a group of the people, they did everything for the people (the mass). So I can tell you that they will be missed – just by looking at the 20 000 views of this article O_O and the around 50-60 mails I got.

      Ofc everyone has the right of his own opinion.

      • Mooncrow says:

        There’s was a touch of drama near the beginning when one guy stole a clean for the page he was working on from another group, and it didn’t get caught until later.


        He got the boot, and the drama cleared up pretty quickly. I’m not a huge fan of FH by any means, but I do quirk an eyebrow at people who beat on that particular dead horse as a reason to hate the group.

        If nothing else, they did keep several series alive that no one else was touching, even if venicia did moan and whine for use to go back to putting out a 5th version of standardshonenshit blah blah blah

  11. anon says:

    Protip: If it ‘s not broken, don’t fix it.

  12. vojo85 says:

    good old days… im a one piece fan a fairly old one (26) so i have been reading one piece for almost 7 years now and know of all the grups that did one piece and FH was the one that i like the most second place is null i remember i visited only FH for almost 2 years and then it stoped i didnt notice couse i falowed one piece and after 2 years i was like where is FH wtf happend… Tnx for the explanation.

  13. Vaun says:

    Big up all the people involved and hope to see great things from you in other manga related ventures

  14. Rae says:

    I remember reading the Air Gear series from you guys. I also remember your name on the credits page. Sad to see FH go, but I hope it’ll lead you to a door with a better path.

  15. Mooncrow says:

    That’s interesting to see how things fell out after I left. Two things really held FH from being a really great place to work – venicia’s over-inflated sense of the “grand destiny” of Franky House, and kenjimaru’s complete douchbaggery to his fellow workers.

    I joined right after KEFI dropped Fairy Tail, in order to make sure that it still went out on a regular basis (ironic, I know, since FH was the reason KEFI dropped the project, but w/e) This was after the whole stolen page drama had blown over (I mean really, one guy got lazy and when it was found out he got the boot – what do you want?)

    But anyway, I found myself one of the first recruits in what was effectively a complete staff change, outside of one or two people. The new staff had a ton of stuff dropped on us right away, and it wasn’t too long before makhan and I were running most of the day to day speed scans.

    And then, the accident. Really things bickering and attempts at power grabbing that caused a lot of hurt feelings, but we soldiered on – up until venicia deliberately decided to stir up drama with MH. At first, I thought it was accidental, and I tried to smooth things over. But I later, I realized that venica really wanted to become MH v2, effectively. Later when that didn’t work out, he went back all kisses and hugs and got them to revert the ban.

    By then though, I was out. I was a lot of fun, but drama makes me break out in hives, and that place was a pit of it :p

    (caveat – this is from my own, non-omniscient point of view – I’m sure that other people who were there would tell it differently)

  16. Molly says:

    Well I wasn’t around for the apparent translation stealing incident, but I will always be grateful for the hard work you put in for skip beat folen! Anyway thank you very much for putting the effort in for skip beat, I don’t think you were a massive fan like some of the old crowd in the sb community were you? Hope you are doing well!

  17. Jii-Jii says:

    Well, the only F-H manga I ever read was Rosario + Vampire. The scanlating quality was good enough for my tastes.

    That said, I think large scanlating groups are sorta like massive stars: they shine brighter but die earlier. For me, the ideal is about 5-6 people, all working in 1-2-3 series they like… I really dislike the feeling of not knowing people in the same scanlating group as you. The instant people start losing track of what everyone else is doing, the group comes to a slow but inevitable death.

  18. AlphaXero says:

    HEY !!! Franky-House INP-Mangaz just released 2 chapters of manga… One Piece chapter 624 on 5/16/11 and Soul Eather chapter 86 on 5/18/11. Still alive and kickin. I guess there are still a few members out there who wanna do stuff…

  19. =t= says:

    Ah, I’ve seen the same thing all around the scene.

    Just keep your good memories and try to revive the best of the spirit in a new group, is the solution I came up with. Having more good times helps cure the blues.

    Also, PUH-LEASE save us from engrish of the Lust-no-whatever! I’m waiting for more from you, mate!

  20. Oliver says:

    This all doesn’t matter and it baffles me that you would pay translators to do illegal work. I don’t care about you, there are many other scanlators out there to replace you.

  21. The_Vogfather says:

    hi folen 😀 its been a while i hope things are doing well. as for me my job occupies the majority of my time now even then i did have some good times with you and the rest of them.. it still makes me sad that it closed.. however i’m not surprised..

    there are times that i wish that i could start up again.. and i even have a few raws of a project I’ve always wanted to work on.. however with the way my job is i would never be able to dedicate my full attention to it and i hate doing things half-assed. my job is also part of the reason at the end i just stopped showing up.. again if i couldn’t fully dedicate myself i wasn’t gonna sign up to do scans.

    as for the future who knows.. one of these days i would like to have a chat with you in irc or via msn.. my email is different now i think so you may not find me on msn anymore.. i’ll send ya an email with some details on how to find me.

    in any case,
    Until the lines we make threw life intersect again.


    ps. i hope you were able to get that camera anyways.. and i am truly sorry i could not keep my promise..

  22. Se3D03 says:

    Hi!!! I haven’t really been involved with any type of scanlating but I’ve always been a fan of Franky House. I used to always wait for your one piece scans!!! And I remember your work on Air Gear @follen!!!! Thanks!!!

  23. Lynn says:

    I used to be around FH all the time, but eventually school became my main priority and FH faded from my mind. It’s been a long time since I thought about FH, and lately I’ve been wondering what happened to it. I guess it’s nice to finally know, although it would’ve been better if it never fell apart. I made some good friends there, and it’s sad that I won’t be able to talk to some of them again. Those were good times, even with the difficulties. No matter what rude things some people have said, Franky-House WILL be missed by those of us who were long-time members.

    R.I.P. Franky-House Scanlation.

  24. WildLife FAn says:

    I do remember you and I really appreciate your work on wild life. This has to be one most interesting series out there. Thanks for getting fame. If I could I would buy a english version cause of you. Thanks 😀

  25. Erdinhel says:

    It’s sad to see it go, but it was fun while it lasted even though I wasn’t in for long.

  26. DemonRykuKyuubi says:

    Little late but better late than never. I was KyuubiNaruto130 on FH and I loved going there and reading. I’ll miss it. You, Folen, were the one that got me interested in the site. Thanks for that.

    R.I.P. Franky-House Scanlations

  27. Ryohka says:

    Wow talk about bringing back old memories, as an avid manga/anime fan(with almost no understanding of the japanese/chinese/korean language) I think I speak for most of the american otakus when I say thank you. It’s sad to see that drama shut FH down but what can you do? While I was more of ninja than a pirate you could tell that those at FH put a lot of time and effort into the scanlations, and for that it is much appreciated. Whether you return to the scanlating world or not, your work has and will be much appreciated, that in itself is the sole reason I dropped mangafox from my favorites. So again thank you. On a side note, trolls with negative and non-constructive opinions should, to quote Moka-san, “Know your place!”, these are kind individuals that take the time out of their lives to provide a FREE service, so shut up and enjoy the manga or don’t and just shut up either or I really don’t care.

  28. Screw says:

    Sigh, seems like this miss bell person is a bìţçh, I fame here with an idea to pay franky house 2 late now I guess 😦

  29. BlackHowling says:

    thefolenangel eh. BlackHowling here. Hope you’re doing alright. Please respond if you saw this.

  30. Magooser says:

    Damn…I was wondering what happened.

  31. VelvetRose says:

    I remember typesetting and cleaning for this group. Everyone just started dropping off, it was fun while it lasted =)

  32. ryuu_kujirai says:

    well, I remember getting in the group, did some work thru while doing my high school works, staying up late to typeset, and things like that.. one person that I actually remember is thefolenangel (which is the one who started this topic :p) that helped me to be better 😀

    so sad it’s gone already but I guess that can’t be helped lol.
    Thanks for everyone who guide me thru negima, wild life, some bleach, some rosario, yakitate!!, etc 😀

  33. codegeass here.. sad to hear 😦

  34. Endless says:

    this is the first time that i actually see this. i know it’s far too late to say this but all those time were fun despite all the dramas happened here and there

  35. Ilesyt says:

    Wow, this was so long ago…
    Velvetrose, now there’s a name i remember.

  36. Muffinbottoms says:

    I distinctly remember your guys translations during my readings of One Piece, so much so, when I recently picked up reading manga again this year (finally finished Claymore after who knows how long haha) I saw your guys team name and even yours on some of the chapters! I wanted to know what became of you guys and it’s a shame that such things come to an end, but I guess all things must change :/

    Hope you’re doing well! Thank you for all your hard work!

  37. i still miss frankyhouse, wish i remembered my name i used there though….matty543? mattysama?

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