Kokou no Hito chapter 35-42 (project dropped)

For those who aren’t interested, why I’m dropping this project, or the dramas with certain scanlation group, just scroll to the download links.

–Dropping the project–

The project is dropped due to the request from the translator here are the mails:


And thanks for raising the interest in the series regardless. I spent
a whole lot of time translating it.


I reply:

oh hi kew, didn’t noticed the links, and since there weren’t posted as anywhere as a group of links, I kinda missed them, and used the MQ raws i found on the net~
Will correct that in the future releases, from now i’m gonna use urs raws, and thanks for the time – translating and scanlating 🙂


Thinking it over I think I’d rather just OMFGG did it. I asked FMG and
he said if you want to help you can but I like the way they’re doing
it a lot better.


Well I can’t argue with the translator, he likes the ways OMFGG does it (whatever that means). From now on the project is dropped, however I won’t let all the efforts of the ppl that worked on it go to waste, I’m gonna release all the chapters I did so far.

/End part about dropping


Dear certain mister editor it would be easy to fill this post expletives and nasty comments about a your group, but what’s the point of this action?

I will be short, I checked the chapters didn’t found problem with the leveling, but hey I maybe mistaken, you know I’m doing scanlation only for 4 years, however if you decide to actually show prof of the problem I will gladly fix it and I’m quite eager to learn so contact me at thefolenangel@gmail.com about that tutoring your talking about .  I didn’t get the part about time and quality  and what is your logic (slow speed = quality release???), in my eyes if you’re experienced enough your quality will be top notch and your speed will fall drastically (you will see I’m right! Just be patience and continue scanlating). Here I want to fix a little mistake you made, the usual time it takes me to edit a page is around 40-70 seconds but it depends for example if  I’m reading a book at the same time editing a page might take me 2-3mins (example in this case is chapter 38 took me nearly 2hours!!! To finish it, and all because The Hound of the Baskervilles  were too interesting  and I couldn’t let the book down, so I edited and read  at the same time). About your pace, hm still not sure for me is quite frosty 1 chp per week? I was thinking more of 1 vol per week.

So with no further ado I present you the chapters I did, and I wish OMFGG best with their project 🙂

-Download chapter 35-

DepositFile || MegaUpload

-Download chapter 36-

DepositFile || MegaUpload

-Download chapter 37-

DepositFile || MegaUpload

-Download chapter 38-

DepositFile || MegaUpload

-Download chapter 39-

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-Download chapter 40-

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-Download chapter 41-

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-Download chapter 42-

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11 thoughts on “Kokou no Hito chapter 35-42 (project dropped)

  1. Minelauva says:

    I read both versions of chapters 33-34 and I enjoyed them a lot. But to be honest, I didn’t see any difference in terms of quality neither. Of course, the style and the scans used were different but I found the result good in both cases. However, I don’t have any experience in this matter so maybe that’s why. 😀
    Anyway, thanks for scanlating these chapters. As a reader, I don’t really care who’s doing this amazing series as long as I get to read it but it was great to be able to read about 10 chapters in a day. 😀

  2. Khalid says:

    Thanks for the chapters.

    I seen a few typo like sacared and shipping.

  3. dot702 says:

    thx for the hard work

    you have 2 36 dp

  4. Nethandle says:

    Yeah I too didn’t notice much of a difference between the two scans. At least nothing that would cause me to say one of the scans was of a lower quality. But if the translator doesn’t want to work on it anymore I guess there’s not much you can do.

    Thanks for your work you put into this series, and I’m sorry that you have to drop it.

  5. thefolenangel says:

    *Minelauva thanks for the support. I don’t see too, but some l33t editors do, so we should take their words, and not use our eyes lul.
    *Khalid those are from the translator, we don’t have proofreader so we take his word that there aren’t any mistakes, point the pages and the chapters numbers and they will be fixed.
    *dot702 fixed it, tnx! 🙂
    *Nethandle you don’t argue with the translator 😀

  6. potato says:

    its sad to see you drop this amazing manga. is it not possible to fine another translator? IMO i think OMFGG just felt threatened that another group was picking it up all of their complaints are crap they just don’t want to be shown how slow they are

  7. Roul says:

    Thanks for these releases thefolenangel! OMFGG was out of line to attack your abilities like that, I suppose they just felt threatened for some reason and seem to forget that they are doing this for fun and the experience rather than to own it in some way.

    Good luck on your future projects!

  8. Deus says:

    sure OMFGG is releasing it at an 1 chapter every 1-2 week pace… but heck, the speed theyre doing it at is impossible to catch up to the actual series… hence im all for you everyday anyday. now that you have dropped the project, how about trying to pick up some new one? your speed release is awesome (not to mention the quality is good too — as long as the scans are not bad and it is readable, i dont see a reason to fix the quality issue and one can always make a HQ version of their scans after getting tank raws)

    just wondering, what say you of picking up Team Medical Dragon (scanlation frozed) or Addicted to Curry (one release every half year)? I’d say those two manga are worthy of competition with Kokou no Hito

  9. a says:

    Thanks for the releases! I’ve read some of your other scans and you seem to do a tip top job.

    Anyway hope some nice, true words from a somewhat anonymous internet go-er brings a very small amount of joy of some sort.

  10. a says:

    And then after reading up to chapter 42 it makes me sad that it will go back to a slow pace. Really enjoyed it. Thanks again!

    w00t think I found raws, with the translations on manga helpers I can read it! 😀 Thanks/curse you for making me like this series!

  11. dramedy says:

    Please continue this series. At this rate, it’ll take OMFGG 2 months just to get to chapter 42. What do you need? I’ll help! I can buy you some Mt. Dew or something.

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