Dance in the Vampire Bund chapters 40 & 41

thefolenangelRedHawks and BakanaHaven

Been long guys, I hope you like it 🙂

If you have some funds and you’re interesting in helping the project sent a mail to

For now that’s all, and for a nice ending:

-Download chapter 40 version 2-


-Download chapter 41-



12 thoughts on “Dance in the Vampire Bund chapters 40 & 41

  1. seven says:

    not nice pics gay ending?

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the two releases!

  3. B1 says:


  4. ledge says:

    thx for the releases

  5. zazuge says:

    first the Trap fooled me and now that i settled to think he’s straight that buttsex scene totally took me by surprise so much that i spent 10minutes thinking if i was dilusionnal after all that BL stuff before X_X

  6. zazuge says:

    wait wasn’t he asking for it
    yeah him waiting almost naked and covered only by a cap ???

  7. LeviathanX says:

    I now wonder if he really did what seems so obvious… Ô.o

    quote “During that winter, this is what we did to keep ourselves warm” *hrrr*

  8. ThatGuy says:

    At last he has pants on so it is not rape

  9. Darknile77 says:

    LMAO great cut from the manga xD. I cracked up since I already saw this scene from the raw, but still hilarious. Werewolf buttseks xD

  10. Anon says:

    Sweet release dudes!

  11. NFR says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

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