One Piece chapter 583

By thefolenangel scanZzz
Early RAW due GW, working on the other series, enjoy ;)
(Downloading from DepositFiles, helps the group)
I’m searching for DDL PROVIDER! Anyone interested contact me!
For International scanlators FEEL FREE TO USE only if you CREDIT ME!
(Italian scanlators need to contact me first, before using!)

-Download ch 583-

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24 thoughts on “One Piece chapter 583

  1. makhan says:

    Hi folen 😀
    It’s been a long time :p
    Nice cleaning and typesetting, but you could use a proofreader 😉

  2. makhan says:

    oh, and thanks for my weekly fix of OP 🙂

  3. naruto6302 says:

    wow, i saw this on Mangaupdates and didn’t believe my eyes til i visit here, thanx

  4. eltika says:

    Thank You for this.

  5. mohamed7taha says:

    it is up so early
    good work guys

  6. theframe says:

    Awesome job. lots of love from Sweden, what series are you doing next? Please let it be HXH *fingers crossed* 🙂

    Have a great day.

  7. Marcos says:

    You guys will do Rosario 30?

  8. Dauntes says:

    Thanks Folen. You rock.

  9. . says:

    pls stop translating
    leave it to better people

    • SALAM says:

      Primo I thank a lot thefoenangel for the chapter
      secondo wtf, it’s a very hard to translate and typesetting a chapter, you must respect the groupe for his job, or you can go to the supposedly better people and not bother us, leecher

    • pyth says:

      @. dude, shut up. it’s a hard job and folen does it for free. do you even consider spending your time doing something like this? be thankful, and if you don’t like it, don’t read it

      @thefolenangel good job!

  10. ser4 says:

    thank you very much for the release.
    btw is this the chapter for this week or for the next?

  11. muskterr says:

    @ .

    shut up ! dude,why don’t you translate your own manga

  12. Betty says:

    Great visual quality and everything, but please, please, get a better translator. You have a lot of stupid grammar mistakes in your text. Here are some examples;

    Page 8, box 1; “This time, I’m not going to loose you!”
    Page 8, box 2; “Hey Boss! He run after Ace again…”
    Page 10-11, box 1; “The massive piles of trash here are burning up smoke made from natural fire of the sun… Everyday.”
    Page 10-11, box 7; “Sorry for the lateness.”
    Page 12, box 2; “Damn it! You beated me again!”
    Page 13, box 7; “Hey! Are you friend of Ace?”
    Page 16, box 5; “Why did he went to the enemies?!”

    I don’t know if this is just a problem of the translator you have not being able to speak vernacular English very well, but the sentence structure is really wonky, and hard to read. Just get an editor who’s first language is English, and you’ll be alright.

  13. ern3sto says:

    wow you guys rock, its not even up on mangastream yet oO

  14. craziii says:

    thanks for the hardwork

  15. Gatts says:

    thx man

  16. thnq says:

    Thnq dude.
    Fuck mangastream and their retarded watermarks. I relly miss the old good binktopia…pfff

  17. Hoimed says:

    Mangastream is Dead

  18. Hades says:

    how great…

    you the first…

    keep fast scanlation…

    but please with good translation,,,,


  19. AJ says:

    Thank you for the early scanlation.

  20. Toby Sutic says:

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