Claymore chapter 103

By thefolenangel scanZzz

Due to the fact that currently there is a lack of Jp RAWS, this is done with Ch.
Also the translation is Ch-ENg keep that in mind when downloading!

Enjoy ;)

For International scanlators FEEL FREE TO USE only if you CREDIT ME!
(Italian scanlators need to contact me first, before using!)

-Download ch 582-

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9 thoughts on “Claymore chapter 103

  1. XL says:

    Thanks for the release

  2. Nesk'ouique says:

    Thanx (:

  3. gunyn says:

    ah..who cares dude 😀 most important is we can enjoy latest chapter claymore hehehe 😀 thanks btw.

  4. Shinsuo says:

    Thx a lot!!! 🙂

  5. Andreas says:

    Thanks!! =))

  6. uvuv says:

    Sincerily: “Thank you!”

  7. Joseph Saunders says:

    i guess i am a dope but Riful is surely dead , yes?? Also .. thanks for this release!!

  8. B1 says:

    I hope some JP raws show up again soon. I haven’t read any Claymore since your last chapter (I can’t stand manga being defaced by big-ass watermarks in the middle of every page). Well, thanks for this chapter (and the previous ones with FH).

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