Dance in the Vampire Bund chapter 34

Yeah yeah we’re slow, but hey if you find us a translator we will be faster!!!

thefolenangelRedHawks and BakanaHaven


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5 thoughts on “Dance in the Vampire Bund chapter 34

  1. dark mage says:

    Thanks alot for the chapter

  2. Chypmunk says:

    Thank you for the scan 🙂

  3. Ensui says:

    such a cliff hanger guys… GOOD work…. been dying to read the chapter.. (not a new chapter since its 8 volumes on going) still good work… love the quality you guys provide

  4. stevethapirate says:

    thanks and good work as always! and i’m not trying to rush you or anything because i know it must be tough work to do all this, but is there any type of release schedule or plan? Just so i can know when to (or not) expect the chapters to come out

  5. manga king says:

    keep up the good work i don’t mind waiting the is the best shit i see in a bit so take ya time to get it done can’t wait for the next part 🙂

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