Dance in the Vampire Bund vol. 07 – RAW

Thanks to all that helped!

Download from DepositFile, if you want to help 😛


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7 thoughts on “Dance in the Vampire Bund vol. 07 – RAW

  1. anonymous says:

    THANKS SO MUCH MAN! Your great for releasing these and i can’t wait till your done with it!!

  2. geekdiva says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    I was not sure if I’d like this series, but I quickly grew to love it. I’ve been too sick to work for 10 years (and too sick to go online for a few of those years), so anime and manga have been a great comfort to me.

    I was a tech writer at Intel when I became too sick to work, so I understand the effort that goes into project coordination by itself, and then each person getting all their work done in order… I truly respect your process from the inside out.

    Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful series that I otherwise probably would have never known about, and thanks for all your efforts.

  3. Xero says:

    Thanks for the work on the scans Folen, much appreciated.

  4. Riffz says:

    If u r busy with real life may b i can help u with cleaning. I m not too good. But i can try to clean Vampire Bund vol. 7 for u. mail me if u r interested.

  5. woohoo !!!!!!! says:

    When will it be finished?

  6. Char says:

    Thanks man I was worried you dropped this! I was eager to read some new chapter of DitVB after watching that piece of crap adaptation done by SHAFT, this manga deserved a better anime adaptation.

  7. Fess says:

    The anime wasn’t bad, but they could have freaking done a better job. Less PG-13 and more mature rated fighting/etc.

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