Dance in the Vampire Bund chapters 27 – 31

This is a start of a joint between me and Red Hawk Scans! ( )  I believe we start good 😀

On side note : Volume 7 of the manga is released in Japan, I need donations so that I can buy it and after that scan it. All people that have the opportunity to help, can contact me at

-Download ch 27-31 as followed-

MegaUpload / MediaFire


MegaUpload / MediaFire


MegaUpload / MediaFire


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MegaUpload / MediaFire


29 thoughts on “Dance in the Vampire Bund chapters 27 – 31

  1. dark mage says:

    AWESOME! Thanks alot for the chapters. I hope this joint will continue,

  2. nagi says:

    mediafire #30 links to #28, megaupload links seem to be “temporarily unavailable”.

  3. n00ber says:

    Very nice, thanks a lot for the work. Also a heads up Ch31 is missing a couple of pages between pages 31 and 32

  4. CrimsonGlory says:

    in the ch31 there are some missing pages between pg31 and 32

    and if you want i have vol07 and can upload it

  5. troolie says:

    Thanks a lot. It’s nice to see DIVB back on track.
    That aside, it’d be awesome if you could do chapters 20-24 as they’re only available through some online reader in horrible quality.

  6. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for this release!

    BTW, the Mediafire link for Ch. 30 leads to Ch. 28 instead. 😉

  7. Kokusho says:

    Thanks alot.

    But it the chapter 30 mediafile link goes to chapter 28

  8. ShiroiRyu says:

    You uploaded two times the same chapter 28 ! 🙂
    Thanks anyways !

  9. fjip says:

    Mediafile links are little messed up~

  10. Carlos says:

    You are the best. Thanks for the release and good work.

  11. stephh says:


  12. Dennis says:

    the MegaUpload link for chapter 30 is invalid and the Mediafire link is chapter 28, not 30.

  13. sven says:

    can we have the vol 6 not in chapter?

  14. falconsport says:

    thanks for the release and keep it up…

    btw, is it just me link or the link for mediafire for chp.30 redirect to chp.28?

  15. Ayje says:

    You’re Mediafire link to chapter 30 points to chapter 28 instead.

    Thanks for the chapters.

  16. p0l3r says:

    Thanks for the chapters 😀

  17. contrasena says:

    Thanks!!!! I was practically mad waiting for this… 🙂
    One question: There are one or two missing pages in the chapter 31? The scan of the 31th page is weird..

    Thank you again!!!!

    PD: Sorry for my very poor english.

    • thefolenangel says:

      can u specify which pages are missing :O?

      • contrasena says:

        Well, the numeration of the images on the compressed file is continuous, but the VB31_32.png page has some images on the background that I cannot recognize well (random guys with spears and one with a ballesta). And the page looks a little inclined clockwise. (It’s not a bother for me, I’m ok with it)
        That’s why I am wondering if there are any missing pages. It may be not, because the flow of the story has no apparent holes.

        Thanks again for your wonderful work!!!! Sorry for the trouble I may be doing and for my crappy english.

  18. Anduin says:


    You’re awesome for translations!

  19. Mo7ammed says:

    Thanks for the releases
    i’ll be happy to donate to see more of the series 😀
    don’t expect much though >.>

  20. Galadar says:

    If you are talking about the final battle between Akira and Hama then
    no there aren’t any missing pages, that’s how it goes.

    I’ve got the raws too, and I imagine that’s how it is in the original.

    It is left “as is”, never showing the actual battle, but only implying that Akira won, since he is the one who returned.

    On the other hand, the omake at the end of the Volume isn’t in anywhere (the one with the maids).

    Won’t you scanlate it too? It’s not big and it’s rather funny.

  21. hikuk says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  22. kani says:

    Oh yay! I’m really psyched for the SHAFT animation of this next season. Are you guys planning to do the first 26 chapters?

  23. Yami says:

    Awesome manga, please make more. send me scans if u need help on them

  24. Mo(r)e Lolis says:

    thanks for the release. Also….. any news on when the next couple chapters will be done?

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