Bleach 379 by thefolenangel

U can use for international scanlations as long as u keep my credit page!

DLing rom DF helps me!


DepositFile / MegaUpload


7 thoughts on “Bleach 379 by thefolenangel

  1. julio says:

    se las mandaron

  2. Nagi_yukio says:

    Thanks a bunch man, Nice Job

  3. Raffy says:

    Holy sh1t nice quality.

  4. DeXTeR says:

    Hey, are you not with F-H anymore? What happened?
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!

  5. N says:

    thanks so much 😀

  6. bleach fan says:

    been waiting for 379 nice!!!

  7. mitase says:

    hey.. your scanlation makes sleepy and all the other groups look sophomoric. gj do more bleach xD

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