Bastard!! v12 c02 (82) by thefolenangel

Yo guys!
We bought volume 13 of the manga!
We will release it soon!
This is the second and last chapter from v12, this time I will add only deposit link!
If you’re interested in donating – money or volumes of the manga contact me at 😉




5 thoughts on “Bastard!! v12 c02 (82) by thefolenangel

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really awesome to see this series get scanlated again. Are you going to do vol 10 and 11 too?

  2. mrsupercool says:

    That’s awesome……I guess this means that volumes 10 and 11 are scanlated/scanned and are out on the web? Lurk doesn’t have them, and I am having trouble finding them using google. Any ideas?

  3. thunder says:

    Hi, Thanks for the release but there seems to be a problem with the file, I can’t get it to open.

  4. Anonymouus says:

    I’m pretty sure that no one has scanlated them. Can’t imagine why that part was skipped.

  5. Chenoa says:

    When is the next vol going to be out on the web?

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