One Piece 523

LOL ulrilra, dear when I ask u to TL OP for Franky don’t go Public with it
the whole teamed expirienced the so called,”
RUN FOLEN IS ON WORKING MODE sickness” (sorry guys)
oh well we’re first (takes a deep breath) and we even manage to redraw the first page lol


SendSpace / MegaUpload

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3 thoughts on “One Piece 523

  1. Anonymous says:


    I cannot believe this!!!

    How?!?!? Tell me, what color do you want your shrine to be painted with?

  2. Jun says:

    *jawdrop* You have officially moved up past “beyond awesome”!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. shontrix says:

    OMG! Fastest release ever!!

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