Air Gear 218 by thefolenangel

Since there is no competion in scanlating Air Gear I decided to take my time and  do a more quality release, so that some ppl can finally SHUT THE F*CK UP! You know who I’m talking about 🙂

Whatever, enjoy!


EasyShare / MegaUpload


4 thoughts on “Air Gear 218 by thefolenangel

  1. Zarakii says:

    i rarely post but posting to say thank you for this + all the other scans you and your team have done. ❤ Thefolenangel

  2. Lucieno says:


    keep up the good work =P

  3. Hmmmmm says:

    Another shitty scan….yay! ><

  4. Ye yon fon says:

    I ❤ U \*o*/ XD

    sorry i hate the emo so i will thank u properly GRAZIE AMICO!!!!! XD

    (thank dude)

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