D.Gray-Man 176 by thefolenangel

Well since the anime is over we have only the manga now *cries*, oh well nJoY and leave a comment :> !


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8 thoughts on “D.Gray-Man 176 by thefolenangel

  1. Magichouse says:

    thanks for the release =)

  2. Puu says:

    thanks for the chapter.. ^^

  3. gin says:

    thank you!

  4. Sandy-kun says:

    That was so fast.. Thanx anyway… 🙂

  5. hamza-kun says:

    good work thanks

  6. Libek says:

    Hey, just answering your question in this release —

    Doing a quick lookup, “Hekiji” means “barrier” or “wall”, so that’s probably what that pronunciation is there for.

    (I note that you didn’t translate the chapter title, either, which is really easy — it’s on the first page, and it’d be, “Battle of the Wall” or Barrier, depending on what you go with regarding Hekiji.)

  7. Sandy-kun says:

    Thanx A bunch for the scanlation!! Help much!! ^^

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