Air Gear 217 by thefolenangel

So Franky-House decided that affilates are something very important, helz0ne decided that they have too much projects to work on…so what can  I do now?

“The Right Answer Is Both Simple and Difficul” (James Madison)

So what the hell I will just create a new group and scanlate it… now I will give some credits because a lot of ppl help me.

  • Maxsama (translator)
  • Arty-chan (proofreader)

So u ask if this is a speedscan why I release so late? Well I actually decided that the chap is too cool, so that ppl want to read it this morning (8 AM, GMT +2) and then I went to school (God I hate that) and when the proofread take some time (always do a proofread if u aim to be as good as kuu-scans) and then I release (9AM, GMT +2)

P.S. yes I know the first page is rly f*cked up… So there will be a v2 later, but understand with this raw u need to be a photoshop genius to do a good scan.


EasyShare / MegaUpload


9 thoughts on “Air Gear 217 by thefolenangel

  1. magma3637 says:

    thanks 4 ur effort (“,)y

  2. Ericse517 says:

    Thanks for the scan….. But after reading your post I dont understand why helzone just didnt let franky house continue….. I mean if they didnt have time for it then what difference does it make?

  3. Rainy says:

    Thanks man! I was waiting on this. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hmmmmm says:

    Well….to Eric, FH values their affilitaion to Sora Scans, the provider of High Quality scans of Air Gear. To them speed is overridden by quality.

  5. Anon says:

    Sora Scans, the provider of HQ scans of Air Gear… if HQ = homo quality, then yes. If HQ means high quality, then no.

  6. Ray says:

    I was wondering if you need people for this group. I can do typesetting/proofreading.

  7. Anon says:

    if you really want High Quality scans of Air Gear, go help out Kuu

  8. The ONE says:

    Kuu doesn’t make HQ scans, they suck now. They were good back when they had tankos LOL

  9. Anon says:

    unless you’re a cleaner and know what kind of work goes into it, I’d like to see you clean a jump scan as nice as a tank scan, come back and tell Kuu they suck when you take the quality of raws that are out there for the most current chapters of Air Gear and it comes out nicer than what Kuu releases

    While I’m commenting, thanks to folen for the release!

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