Catching up [H-mate ChapterS 75-77 by TFA]


We finally caught up with all the current raws of H-mate.

Currently the most urgent problem is translations, I have only 1 active donator (to whom I am grateful), so I have to cover a huge part of the cost myself, if I was in USA this probably would not be a problem, however I am from a third world country.

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H-mate Chapter 51 by TFA

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P.S. Some of you have asked me why don’t I remove the SFX, the reason is simple – In my core, and even though I am doing manhwa now, I have started and I am a manga scanlator. And we are taught to appreciate and respect the art from the author, that includes the SFX 🙂

Death Note Ch.01 – Tankoubon by TFA and Franky-House

The story so far:

Surprised by the fact that no one revised the magazine scans, an ex-scanlator tries to relive his childhood memories and his scanlator glory by re-scanlating Death Note.

A tribute to my group, the fallen Franky-House Scanlation, pirates we will never forget you!


Volume 01 – Boredom

Chapter 01 – Tankoubon scans //// PSDs for international translators